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Glacier View Junior High has many clubs and afterschool activities for our students to connect with their peers and try new things. 

Clubs and activities are a lot of fun but remember, they are school events and all school rules will apply to include:

  • Go to your club/activity right after school. If you leave campus and return later hoping to go to a club/activity, you will not be allowed to attend.
  • Stay in your club/activity. Students found in other parts of the school unrelated to your club/activity will be asked to leave.
  • Attend class first! If you are absent from school that day, you are not permitted to then come for a club/activity that afternoon.
  • Finally, unless someone is personally invited b y a teacher/advisor, there should be no visitors. Don't invite people that don't attend GV to accompany you. 

Students must have an ASB card to participate in these clubs and afterschool activities. 

Student Clubs