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GV Athletics

Athletic Seasons

How do I get CLEARED to participate?

There are some things you need to do in order to be “cleared” to participate. You cannot just show up to practice and expect to be participate. You must do the following:

  • Complete two online forms at Rank One (good for 1 school year).
  • Have an Athletic Physical Exam, this is different than a Well Visit (good for 2 years).
  • Have a valid Baseline Concussion Screening if participating in volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, or wrestling. Make an appointment online OSS BSC scheduling website. Cost of screening: $15 paid at OSS Physical Therapy (good for 2 years).
  • Complete an Athletic Clearance Card (Blue Card), available from the athletic director when all steps are complete on one of the designated clearance dates. You will find the clearance dates above under each sport season. 
  • Purchase a Glacier View Junior High School ASB card ($30).
  • Pay the PSD Athletic Fee, this is a per sport fee ($40). If you are trying out for a team that makes cuts (basketball, soccer, volleyball) you should pay the fees after you make the team, not before.

Are cuts made in GV sports?

Yes, cuts are made in some sports when there are more students turning out for a sport than there are roster spots. (volleyball, soccer and basketball) If cuts are made, there is a tryout process. Many athletic teams do not have cuts. (football, cross country, wrestling, track) In addition, we will offer intramural sports during the school year for interested students. Currently, we offer intramural volleyball and basketball for students to participate in. 

Sport Head Coach

Athletic Director

Boys Basketball

Andi Bellerive

Jason Bellerive

Girls Basketball Dave Stachofsky  
Cross Country Jen Cirhan
Football Karl Cordes
Girls Soccer Luke Zilly
Boys Track Chris Susee
Girls Track Adrienne Cordes
Volleyball Allison Bauer
Boys and Girls Wrestling Chris Nilsen

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